Dr. Reuben Chen, MD

Dr. Chen earned his Bachelor of Science/Neuroscience degree with honors from the Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah in 2002 and obtained his medical degree from the UC Irvine School of Medicine in 2007. He also completed his post graduate training in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency Program at the University of Minnesota.

Since then, he has founded the SunLiving Health and Wellness Center located in Torrance where he provides cosmetic treatments and monitors weight management programs. In addition to this, he has had many years of medical acupuncture experience and training. Dr. Chen has also lectured extensively to patients, fellow doctors and other health providers on various topics such as modern acupuncture and musculoskeletal pain treatment.

Dr. Reuben Chen, ACGME board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, specializes in sports medicine, Pain Management, and cosmetic medicine. He leads the Regenerative Medicine programs at Pacific Pain & Wellness Group, where he takes the time to thoroughly know his patients before deciding the best treatment options. Dr. Chen is one of the few physicians in the country who also performs and integrates medical acupuncture in his treatment programs. Since December 2012, he has been affiliated with Torrance Memorial Medical Center. He also speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and Judo.


Dr. Chen has undergone specialty training in various cosmetic programs such as:


Certified by the American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association for providing the Vampire FaceLift procedure. Also provides other cosmetic procedures including dermal fillers, collagen induction therapy, and platelet rich plasma facial rejuvenation treatments.


Experienced in providing Botox® injections for cosmetic purposes as well as chronic headache management, spasticity management, and cervical dystonia. He is also proficient with EMG guidance and electric stimulator guidance.


Specially trained and experienced in the practical application of medical acupuncture protocols for Pain Management and sports medicine. He had completed formal training in this traditional Chinese medical system by some of the county’s top medical acupuncturists.


Dr. Chen has received specialized training and has had years of experience in the use of prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma for the treatment of pain and musculoskeletal injuries.


Dr. Chen thoroughly studies about each patient’s medical and surgical background before tailoring a customized treatment plan.


American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association

American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation