Gelareh Solomon, PhDDr. Gelareh Solomon – Psychologist

Certified Clinical Psychologist Specializing in Multiple Psychological Issues and Mental Disorders in Torrance, Los Angeles

Los Angeles native, Dr. Gelareh Solomon, provides excellent service in helping people fulfill the highest living quality. She is a licensed psychologist, customizing therapy sessions to the exact needs of every patient suffering from a variety of psychological conditions. She offers therapies for individuals, couples, families, and groups.

Prime Education with Extensive Training in Psychology

Dr. Solomon obtained her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in psychology from UCLA. She is licensed as a psychologist in the state of California.

Dr. Solomon obtained extensive training in treating a wide range of emotional and psychiatric conditions in a variety of settings. She completed her pre-doctoral internship at the CGI Counseling Center, where she worked with a diverse population. Dr. Solomon also worked with adolescents at the high school level and with students at UCLA. She completed her post-doctoral fellowship at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Counseling Center. She presented lectures at UCLA on a variety of topics, including anxiety disorders. She made presentations to local retirement homes, interns, and community groups. In addition, she managed clinical patient issues.

In addition to her practice, Dr. Solomon also provides assessments and evaluations. She offers ADD testing for adults and children, 11 years old and up.

Specializes in a Wide Range of Psychological Conditions

Dr. Solomon also caters to a wide range of Psychological Conditions – both mental and emotional, as well as common issues that people experience on a daily basis. Her multicultural ethnic background also gives her the natural ability to treat patients suffering from cross-cultural challenges.

Dr. Solomon Areas of Expertise

  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Depression
  • Weight Management
  • Couples and Family Therapy
  • Age-Related Issues
  • Trauma and Abuse
  • Career-Related Issues
  • Personality Disorders
  • Coping Strategies
  • Teenagers

Why Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is basically the guidance presented by a Mental Health professional. Dr. Solomon simply has the passion for helping patients reach their full potential; her passion makes it easier for her to develop trusting relationships with each patient, which is a key for a successful psychotherapy. She offers individualized therapies, tailored to adapt to each patient’s unique history and experiences. Dr. Solomon provides personalized psychotherapies that can help improve each individual’s self-control, communication skills, relationships, and many more.

Psychological Testing for Children, Teens, & Adults:

Dr. Solomon provides patients with a psycho-educational assessment aimed at targeting specific strengths and areas for improvement. The results of psychological testing can be used to provide support for special accommodations because of ADHD at schools, acquire accommodations on standardized tests (SAT or GRE, for example) or to make more accurate diagnoses for determining the appropriate course of treatment.

Dr. Solomon is experienced in performing neuropsychological and pre-surgical assessment and intervention. Some of the things that neuropsychological testing can help to identify and clarify are executive functioning deficits, emotional issues including anxiety, and ADHD. The quality of her work is what sets her apart. She goes above and beyond the standard assessment and make the results and recommendations applicable to the physician, patient, and support system. She provides quick and efficient results needed for education and provide flexible hours to meet your needs. Theses assessments and interventions will help you identify, understand, and compensate for areas of weakness. She can help teach organizational skills to improve school and work functioning. Dr. Solomon’s goal is to help parents and teachers to set up behavior modification plans for children with challenging behaviors and help patients and families cope with medical/neurological disorders. Developing better social skills to foster friendships, dating, and deal with marital issues can also be achieved.

Pre-Surgical Evaluations:

Dr. Solomon also has knowledge and experience in collaborating with other healthcare professionals in the bariatric/weight loss, fertility, and pain management fields, providing pre-surgery screening, as well as post-operative support.

Assessments generally culminate in the completion of a written report that provides a diagnosis, treatment or other recommendations, and answers any other specific questions. Pricing can vary significantly depending on the extent of testing required.