If you suffer from chronic back pain, the first thing you should do is see a pain doctor and visit a pain management center to get diagnosed and receive the right pain treatments. Pacific Pain & Wellness Group has gathered below additional self-help measures you can adopt to make chronic pain go away or, at least, make living with it more tolerable and manageable.

Chronic Pain Group is a 10-Week Program that combines and teaches: Pain Management Skills, Supportive Psychotherapy, Skills in Identifying Automatic Thoughts and Core Beliefs. Patients are able to practice these skills between sessions. These skills serve to decrease anxiety, and decrease pain levels both indirectly and directly. Patients can problem-solve together about impediments to suing the techniques. For example, if one person reports difficulty in finding time to practice the techniques, others can share how they manage to do this. Patients also can share variations of the exercises they have developed on their own and find more helpful.

Chronic Pain is usually unresponsive to conventional treatments. Living with Chronic Pain involves a shift in mindset to lessen the impact of pain in one’s daily life. Chronic pain afflicts millions of Americans, most of whom have tried various treatments with no relief from pain. Chronic Pain can affect our quality of life and interfere with our ability to function, be productive, work or socialize. It limits and restricts our movements and activities and also impacts our relationships with the people around us.

Pacific Pain & Wellness Group’s program is focused on psychological coping strategies and reconditioning for effective management of Chronic Pain and help restore one’s maximum level of comfort and function. There will be a screening of patients prior to group therapy. Patients with significant psychiatric symptoms, such as severe depression or suicidal thoughts, should be treated individually first, so they can reach a point where they can both benefit from a group and avoid harming the group dynamic.

The program is provided by a team of Pain Doctors, Psychologist. Pacific Pain & Wellness Group’s multidisciplinary approach delivers comprehensive treatment and care that addresses the multiple needs of people with chronic pain. Our Pain Doctors manage the medical care and medications. Our Psychologist help patients understand, identify and change thoughts and feelings to decrease pains.

A group program is often adjunct to individual work, where a patient’s personal situation can be explored in more detail. I believe group psychotherapy is vital component of comprehensive treatment to help patients decrease their pain and reclaim their lives.

For more information on Chronic Pain Group in Torrance CA or if you are interested, please contact Pacific Pain & Wellness Group at 310-437-7399 so we can include you ono our waiting list.