Pacific Pain and Wellness Group understands how overwhelming the holidays can be whether its coping with family or solitude. Your Torrance Pain Center offers Mental Health tips to get you through this holiday season.

  1. Plan Ahead. Making plans in advance and sticking to them will allow you to predict events without any sudden surprises or last minute changes. By doing this, you can reduce stress on yourself.
  2. Contact a Friend or Family Member. The holidays are a time to be with loved ones. If you find yourself feeling lonely and isolated, reach out to friends, family, religious groups for support. Seek out the people who will support you and offer you their company.
  3. Be Healthy. Keep your mind off the stress the holidays can bring by taking care of yourself. Have healthy snacks on standby or go on a walk to de-stress. Avoid the feeling of guilt by not overindulging on food and neglecting your physical health.
  4. Avoid Isolation. If you feel lonely during the holidays, volunteer your time to do something constructive for the Torrance community. This is a good way to socialize, be around others and make new friendships.
  5. Set Aside Differences. The holidays are a time that can bring on a huge amount of stress, not only to you but to family members as well so understand if others become upset or frustrated. Set whatever differences you may have aside for a more appropriate time.
  6. Avoid/Moderate Alcohol Intake. While under the influence of alcohol you may not be able to control your emotions and thoughts. Alcohol can possibly make you feel worse and bring out the worse in you. Avoid it altogether or drink in moderation.
  7. Relax. It is okay if you feel a need to detach yourself from all the busyness. Take 15 minutes to do breathing exercises or meditate. This clears your head and will calm you down.
  8. Stick to a Budget. Overspending will cause a lot of stress on yourself so before you head out to do any kind of shopping, set a budget and follow it. By doing this, you will be less likely to overspend and not financially stress after the holidays are over.
  9. Say No. If you do not feel comfortable with certain requests of you, you should say no. This will not make you resentful towards friends and family. Overbooking yourself will only add to this already stressful time.
  10. Seek Professional Help. We know you are doing your best this season. However, if you are constantly feeling sad and anxious, seek professional help. Your Mental Health specialist can help you brainstorm ideas with how to cope.

If you are in need of professional help, your Torrance pain center, Pacific Pain and Wellness Group can be reached at (424) 625-6600 or Contact us today to schedule an appointment.