At Pacific Pain and Wellness Group, we are grateful for so many things this Thanksgiving, especially for the oppotunity to help our patients we see every day.

Americans make a big fuss over holiday deals and even more so about holiday eating. For some Americans, the worry of fitting into clothing after the holiday season is a big concern. Last year, the United States spent on aabout 2.3 billion dollars food for Thanksgiving. That’s a lot of food!

Here are some tips from Pacific Pain and Wellness Group to make your Thanksgiving weekend healthier, more enjoyable, and pain-free:

  • Avoid bending directly over the oven door to remove the heavy turkey. Instead crouch, lift with your legs and knees for better balance. This will avoid putting all the stress on the lower spine.
  • If you’re going for a long drive to visit family this weekend, make sure to take a break from driving and stretch. This helps restores your posture and prevent a recurrence of painful neck or low back conditions.
  • When loading your vehicle for a trip, organize your luggage, packages and goods into smaller loads, as opposed to one carrying them all in one loading.
  • Adjust the car seat’s headrest, making sure that the top is no more than two inches below the top of the back your head. Make sure everyone is wearing a seat belt . Most of the estimated 20 million victims of auto accidents in America suffer from whiplash, which can easily be prevented by properly adjusting the seat headrests.
  • Use the right car seat or booster seat for your children and make sure they have a head rest or a child-sized neck pillow so they don’t strain their necks falling asleep in the car. Without support, your child’s head can flop forward and sideways and affect their breathing and even cause misalignment of vertebrae.

With the long weekend, you’ll be likely to spend time sitting and slouching on the couch or recliner. It is best not to sleep in these position because the joints in this position may irritate the nerves and blood vessels. This may lead to pain in the next few days.

With these few simple suggestions from your Pacific Pain and Wellness Group, our team and family wish everyone a healthy, happy Thanksgiving.

Watch Your Houston Chiropractors Thanksgiving video here