Pacific Pain and Wellness Group - Chronic Back Pain TorranceIf you suffer from chronic back pain, the first thing you should do is see a pain doctor and visit a pain management center to get diagnosed and receive the right pain treatments. Pacific Pain & Wellness Group has gathered below additional self-help measures you can adopt to make chronic pain go away or, at least, make living with it more tolerable and manageable.

Learn to relax your mind and body through deep breathing and other relaxation techniques.
Contrary to what most people think that limiting physical activities or resting a lot provide back pain relief, non-movement or rest beyond two or three days may actually aggravate pain. Squeeze in regular exercises in your daily routine to help ease inflammation and muscle tension. Learn to pace yourself and do low-impact exercises such as yoga, brisk walking or swimming.
Eat Properly
Proper and balanced nutrition contributes to your overall health and wellness. This helps you maintain a healthy wait. Adding more too much pounds beyond your ideal weight may aggravate your back pain.
Quit Smoking
Smoking can inhibit the flow of nutrient-rich blood to affected spinal discs and impair healing, which makes smokers susceptible to back pain.
Stop Drinking
Decrease or stop drinking alcohol altogether, especially when taking pain medication as it may cause serious side effects. Pain disturbs your sleep and alcohol may further cause disruption.
Right Sleeping Position
Discuss with your pain doctor the best sleeping position for your condition. Sleeping on your back, and placing a pillow under your knee and lower back, is the best position if you have chronic back pain. Sleeping on your side with your knees slightly pulled up toward your chest may also work. Avoid sleeping on your tummy because this can be hard on your back.
Correct Posture
Correct posture is critical to reducing chronic back pain. If you sit or stand for many hours, it’s important to use adequate back support nad take regular breaks. Choose ergonomic office chair if possible for better support than a average chair.
Avoid Shoes with High Heels
When wearing high-heeled shoes strains your lower back because your body’s center of gravity shifts. Wear comfrotable and well-cushioned shoes, especially when you have to stand or walk a lot.
Think and Talk Positively
Surround yourself with positive people and things so you are encouraged to engage in positive conversations and affirmations.
Join Pain Support Group
If you are suffering from chronic back pain, you are not alone. Joining a chronic pain group may provide you with emotional support, validation, information on treatment modalities and education in basic pain management and coping skills.
See a Psychotherapist
Chronic back pain can have emotional impact, such as depression, anxiety, fear or anger. These can restrict you from returning to work or enjoying the things you used to do. To treat chronic pain effectively, you must address its physical, emotional and psychological aspects. Seeing psychotherapist will help address the psychological aspect of persistent pain.

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