Pre-Surgical Psychiatric Evaluation Torrance, CA

Pre-Surgical Psychiatric Evaluation in Torrance, Southbay, Westside

Pre Surgical Psychiatric Evaluation Torrance CAPacific Pain & Wellness Group provides Pre-Surgical Psychiatric Evaluation services in Torrance, CA. Most insurances require patients to undergo evaluation before major surgeries to determine patients’ suitability for surgeries.

Objectives of Pre-Surgical Psychiatric Evaluation

Our Pre-Surgical Psychiatric Evaluation categories include: behavioral, cognitive or emotional, developmental, current life situation, motivation, and expectations Pacific Pain & Wellness Group’s team of mental health specialists assesses patients’ mental health and identify those with mental conditions that need to be treated, stabilized or managed prior to surgery. We identify psychosocial risk factors and make necessary recommendations for both the patient and the surgical team for best possible outcome. Our Pre-Surgical Psychiatric Evaluation services include diagnostic interview, observation and obtaining information.

Key Elements in Pre-Surgical Psychiatric Evaluation

Mental Condition

Mental disorders can render a patient unfit to undergo surgery. Major surgeries are major life events that can impact mental state of patients and can trigger mood episodes. At Pacific Pain & Wellness Group, we help educate patients about signs of relapse and come up with individualized plan of action for treatment. Patient with untreated or uncontrolled mental disorder, with no support system in place, may not be considered a good candidate for surgery.

Substance Abuse

Patients are evaluated for substance use or dependence. Substance abuse must first be treated before any patient can undergo major surgeries. During evaluation, we provide patients with individualized treatment plans.

Impulsive Behavior

Patients with history of self-harm or suicidal ideation may not be fit for major surgical interventions. Pre-Surgical Psychiatric Evaluation determines if the impact or stress of the surgical procedure will trigger dangerous behaviors. Treatment or interventions may be required or considered before undergoing surgery and to increase the probability of an improved post surgery outcome.

Capacity to Decide

Pre-Surgical Psychiatric Evaluation measures a patient’s ability or capacity to understand the surgical procedure and the risk and benefits involved. Every patient’s threshold for capacity varies based on the procedure and the risks.

Treatment Adherence

Patients are evaluated for capability to comply with schedule of medications, follow-up medical appointments, nutritional plans, or lifestyle changes.

Coping Strategies

Patients are interviewed to find out about their coping strategies and their ability to adapt mature defense strategies.

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