Patient Testimonials

At Pacific Pain & Wellness Group, our success is measured by our patients satisfaction with our services and the excellent level of care they receive when visiting our office. We take great pride in the satisfaction of our patients.

Dr. Ananth is someone who will not treat you like a number, he takes personal interest in you and cares about every single patient. He is the only doctor I know who will call you back if he’s missed your call. He has even called after work hours just to make sure I was feeling okay after I had surgery. You can count on him, once you’re in his court, he will take care of you at any time, night or day. He will make sure you are where you need to be health wise, medicine wise, and emotionally. He understands the pain . . . he understands me a whole . . . and what is going to make me a better person.
Beth Seth
I initially came to Pacific Pain and Wellness Group because I had pain in both of my hips. This pain prevented me from almost any type of sports participation, regular painless walking, and normal activity such as stooping, bending, standing, etc. What made me decide to do something about my health problem was that the pain was worsening and the fact that the situation would not change without treatment. I was referred to Pacific Pain and found the facility’s reviews helpful. In addition, Pacific Pain and Wellness Group treated many of the ailments I was suffering from. Before I went to Pacific Pain, I felt pessimistic about my health and the available alternatives to surgery. I had two treatments done here; adipose stem cell procedure, and two localized shots to the hips. After my treatment here, I felt relief and optimism that there was a chance that my hip condition would improve. My advice to anyone in a similar situation to me would be to seek out treatment because there is a possibility that there is an alternative to surgery for your condition if it has not reached the advanced stage. I highly recommend Drs. Ananth and Chen for your pain treatment if you need it.
Ron Rogers