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The Pacific Pain & Wellness Group specializes in Psychotherapy, an interpersonal invitation offered by your Torrance psychotherapist to help people in reaching their full potential or to cope better with their personal issues or problems of life. Psychotherapy encourages the verbalization of all your thoughts, including free associations, fantasies, and dreams, from which the analyst formulates the nature of the unconscious conflicts which are causing the your symptoms and character problems. Psychotherapy is a form of in-depth psychology, which is primarily focused in revealing the unconscious content of a person’s mind in an effort to alleviate emotional distress. Although its roots are in psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy tends to be shorter and less intensive than traditional psychoanalysis.

Psychotherapy Techniques

Psychotherapy often includes techniques to increase awareness and the capacity for self-observation, changes in behavior and the way one thinks about things, and developing insight and empathy. Desired results may be to enable other choices of thought, feeling, or action, to increase the sense of well-being and to better manage subjective discomfort or distress. Perception of reality is improved.

Types of Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can be given in different formats, including:

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy involves only the patient and your therapist.

Group Therapy

Two or more patients may participate in therapy at the same time. Group therapy allows patients to share experiences and learn that others have had the similar experiences and feel the same way.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy helps spouses and partners understand why their loved one has depression, improve interpersonal communication and behaviors, re-ignite intimacy and work on the strength of the relationship.

Family Therapy

Family is an integral part of the core team that helps family member with depression get better. It is helpful for family members to understand what their loved one is going through, how they themselves can cope, or what they can do to help.

Our Commitment to Your Mental Health

Your Torrance psychologist Dr. Gelareh Solomon is a specially trained therapist and is dedicated to providing the best behavioral healthcare to your entire family.

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